Every report and proposal that goes out is generated through their simple yet effective online system, and the finished report has undeniably increased my conversion rate on jobs. I even use it to justify our premium pricing and reduce company liability in an honest, clear, and transparent way to all of our customers.


I have been using InspectionPLUS software for over 10 years. The inspection software affords me a very professional and efficient guide for performing inspections, estimating re-roofs and repairs and creating reports that conform to industry standards. I am extremely satisfied with the entire process and happy that it keeps getting better.

-William L. Hogue & Associates

Time management is a huge deal when you are self-employed; your Visual Inspection methodology’s efficiency reduces my onsite time yet produces superior results. As they say ‘Time is Money.’ But more importantly, in home inspections, accuracy is money. I have had great success in definitively identifying the current state of my clients’ roofs, with no call backs or missed items.

-JT Inspection Services

I have been using InspectionPlus.net for three years now. My Realtors love the report layout as each image is set with comments. Each image is also individually numbered allowing them to communicate with other party agents easily by reference to the image number. I have had great success, repeat clients and hundreds of referrals based primarily on my reports generated from InspectionPlus.net.

-Dr. Bjorn Johnson