Our Mission

Transform the way people work with property service inspections

While fast, accurate, and affordable inspection reporting is crucial, it is just the starting point for InspectionPLUS. We are reimagining how people create, organize, and share their work.

Complex workflows and tedious activities make work harder. InspectionPLUS strives to make working with property service inspections delightful… and maybe a little bit magical.

Our Philosophy

Simple, yet powerful

InspectionPLUS has built the world’s most inclusive and compliant inspection reporting, estimating, and certifying platform. From report management to project and client management and everything in between, InspectionPLUS’s platform allows you to run workflows that work for you.

Designed to be both simple, yet powerful, InspectionPLUS eliminates the tedious work and allows you to focus on the work that matters.

Let’s Be Honest

It’s not about us … it’s about you

Improving the working lives of property inspectors is what drives us. But making others’ lives better start with our own company. At InspectionPLUS, we are committed to building a strong, diverse, and incredibly talented team of exceptional people to support our customers.

Yes, our innovative, cloud-based platform has garnered some outstanding reviews, but it’s really our dedication to our customers, that sets us apart. Creating amazingly delightful experiences for anyone that interacts with InspectionPLUS is core to our success.

Read a few of our customer testimonials.

Our Team is Our Greatest Asset

InspectionPLUS is on a mission to transform the way people work with property services inspections, but we can’t do it without amazing people. There is no greater asset than a team that works well together, gets stuff done, and has fun along the way.

Les Watrous

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Les drives our vision, strategy, and growth.

Paul Watrous

VP of Development

Paul leads our product, design, and go-to-market team.

Jonathan Sanders


Jonathan oversees our engineering team and is responsible for InspectionPLUS’s underlying technology.